CSA Produce Bag

Store CSA Produce Bag

Get a weekly or biweekly insulated, reuseable bag filled with fresh, seasonal produce—including staples like onions, tomatoes and lettuce—directly from local farmers.

Large - auto-renews
(for 4-6 persons)
$30.00 Price:
Small - auto-renews
(for 2-4 persons)
$25.00 Price:
Delivery frequency

Join Local Inside for just $15 a year, then sign up to receive a weekly or biweekly bag of fresh, local produce and also support Hawai‘i farmers.

Farming is seasonal and highly dependent on weather and other environmental influences so the content and quantity of produce included in the Local Inside bag will vary considerably throughout the season. Produce is harvested within 24-48+ hours of delivery to the delivery location.

Small bag will feed 2-4 persons.
Large bag will feed 4-6 persons.

Produce will be delivered in an insulated, reusable bag with a cooler pack to keep produce at a cooler temperature. A bag tag will be placed on the bag with the member's name, making it easy to identify.

Some examples of produce include: lettuce, kale, daikon, eggplant, bananas, won bok, dragonfruit, papaya, long beans, mesclun mix, radishes, tomatoes, herbs, taro, pineapple and more. As an added bonus, a recipe from local restaurants will be included with a special promotional discounts from the restaurants.

As a member you will also receive access to Hawai‘i Agricultural Foundation's newsletters, recipes, restaurant promotions and discounts.

To find out more about Hawai‘i Agricultural Foundation visit: HAF

    Local Inside is an Oahu's Farmers CSA program, sources produce from local farmers, primarily from the Hawaii Agricultural Foundation (HAF) Ag Park at Kunia and makes it available to the community through easily accessible delivery locations.

Be sure to have your order in by Thursday at 5:00pm before the next week delivery.